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A letter from a mother of three teen-agers in Boston:

Dear Sedge,

The title Kepler’s Dream resonates deeply for me. I was nervous it was a serious title that would gloss over the breadth and depth of all that I love about the History of Science and the great work the astronomers of those conflicted and dynamic times accomplished.  


How wonderful to learn the film and book are laden with real science, a real heroine’s journey’s and true relationships and healing. The girls you cast could have been classmates of my girls, they are so true and familiar. I am sure I have hosted a playdate with them in my kitchen! 


Astronomical information is not dumbed down, from references to the planetary orbits to the cottonwood trees and the constellations they represented. The images of the stars at night and the beautiful full moon are a tribute to anyone who has ever studied the night sky and dreamed. 


Even your soundtrack was ideal.


The parallels between Kepler’s life of journey to Poland to study and return to rescue his mother the witch, his Icelandic heroic young lad who travels the same path and Ella’s journey are beautifully intertwined, for anyone who cares to dig deeper into the subject.  


You are loyal to three stories is this telling and 400 years of history! You said that you wanted the film to be timeless, something that could be shown years from now and still resonate and not be trapped in cultural references. The style of cinematography was a brilliant choice and lends to the sense that this film could exist anywhere in time.   


Finally, you spoke beautifully and openly about the journey to guide a child facing the trauma of a parent with cancer. For those of us who have lived this story, it is authentic and heart-wrenching and wonderfully presented. Not all rescues go well.  


Children perseverate on fantastical solutions. If I find the book, my mother will get better. And for the sick parents who launch into outer space in isolation and pain in search of a cure, all so their children can go farther; you pay tribute to all including my dear friend.  


Thank you for the wonderful film and taking the time to share how it came to be. And thank you to Sylvia (Juliet Bell) for bringing Ella to life on the page. 

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